In Depth IVR and End to End Call Analytics with Results Available Immediately! Caller Experience Starts the Instant You Answer the Phone...Not Just When You Reach an Agent.

   Listening Methods Practice Knowledge and Tools Enable Companies to Achieve Goals
  • IVR Performance Analyses, Tuning, Consulting, Design and QA Services
  • CallMiner Speech Analytics and Services for small to large contact centers
  • Speech Recognition Utterance Analyses for improvement of IVR Solutions
  • End-to-End Call Analytics  - IVR Performance + agent resource, cost impact
  • Toll Free Number (TFN)  Inventory and Management, using audio-based analytics tools to ensure TFN demand on contact centers is managed
  • Real-Time Caller Surveys tied directly to recorded agent calls


Listening Methods Solves Problems


Improve Sales Performance

  • I need to improve my sales closure rate
  • Which marketing campaigns give me the best leads
  • How can I empower sales people to improve themselves
Voice Self-Service (IVR) Performance Management
  • How can I make my IVR better.
  • How do I improve my Speech Recognition
  • Too many calls go to my Agents for simple tasks
  • I have too many agent-to-agent transfers
Re-Engineer Quality Monitoring and Compliance
  • I need to do a better job of Agent Quality Monitoring
  • I want to reduce my Quality Monitoring costs
  • I need to improve my compliance monitoring
  • Can my agents monitor themselves

Manage Toll Free Numbers (800#’s) for Marketing, Sales and Support

  • I can’t manage my hundreds of Toll Free Numbers
  • Calls are arriving in all the wrong places in my contact center from TFNs
Immediate Surveys directly linked to each Caller’s Conversation
  • I want an immediate  survey that gives me  accurate caller opinions
  • I want the survey tied to the actual conversation with an agent so I can understand why the opinion is what it is
  • I want the callers responses and the reason for their call automatically categorized