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A for Acquire New Customers

ACQUIRE New Customers

ASK tells you what prospects, customers and business associates care about, what issues they are having, and what they really think.

 You can optimize revenues by managing the steps in sales and up-sell processes.

S Support icon

SUPPORT Customers

ASK Empowers you to manage your support resources to achieve optimal performance and quality, improving customer satisfaction and reducing costs.

Sets the foundation for long term customer relationships.

K for Keep customers

KEEP Existing Customers

ASK reduces churn and sends alerts for key events that may cause churn. Alerts may be texted, sent to the ASK app, or to the desktop dashboard.

Allows you to discover issues early in the customer life cycle to reduce dissatisfaction.

6 Key Tools for Acquiring, Supporting, and Keeping customers


Manage agents to best practices to meet business goals: productivity, sales, support, and improved customer experience.

Sample Color-coded scorecard for call center agents
Sample Color-Coded Scorecard showing agents' performance of customizable tasks

Pre-packaged & Ad Hoc Searches

Access pre-packaged searches or create new ad-hoc searches while researching issues. Save them for future use or add them to scorecards.

Free-form Speech Surveys

  • Survey asks open-ended questions so callers may speak frankly
  • Speech Analytics categorize responses
  • Scorecards provide results to managers and directly to agents
Sample questions: How was your service today?

"Your agent was great but I couldn't order from your website."

How could we improve for you?

"I have trouble understanding your bills, that's why I called."


ASK allows you to receive alerts for these important events:

  • A sale closed
  • There's a Churn Risk
  • Escalations
  • A Bug is reported
  •  Website issues 

Alerts can be sent as   · SMS messages · Emails · Dashboard displays.

Data Extracts

A range of tools enable full data extracts of the results of the ASK solution. This includes not only all the ‘hits’ on call transcripts, but also the metadata with each call, transcripts and audio files.

ASK data can be input into other solutions, populating dashboards and systems from various vendors.

Word Frequency Analysis

ASK provides rich support for Word Frequency Clouds and data extracts, enabling agents and analysts to see changing trends in call content that they might not have otherwise noticed.

· All of the information in ASK™ Word Frequency Clouds is searchable from the Dashboard.

An example: a marketer doing competitive analysis sees a competitor company's name in the Word Cloud. They want to know what callers are saying about the competitor and the exact number of times their name is mentioned. A simple search from the dashboard brings up all recordings that contain the company name, with the number of references for precise insights.

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