Company Overview

Listening Methods provides a new approach to help companies overcome the limitations and challenges to improving caller experience while reducing operations expenses.  Sound Analytics managed service is the first solution to offer end to end caller analytics that scales across the enterprise to provide quick time to value and support a continuous improvement process.

Our team focused our experience in call center operations, professional services and technology to develop Sound Analytics, the first and only solution to automatically analyze entire end-to-end calls, including Voice Self-Service interactions as well as agent and caller conversations.



  • Automatically identify issues impacting the performance of Voice Self-Service across all IVR solutions in the end to end call.
  • Rank opportunities to improve voice self-service based on impact on call center operations costs and caller experience.
  • Reduce the effort and time to diagnose and resolve all issues in the end to end voice self-service call.
  • Improve speech recognition performance through easy caller utterance analysis and discovery of performance issues.
  • Ability to measure the success of Speech Recognition applications against DTMF.


Our solution allows customers to ensure all efforts to improve are focused on those issues with the highest potential for Return on Investment.


Our Advantage

Listening Methods’ goal is to help customers provide the greatest end to end caller experience in the most cost effective manner. To do this, we have dramatically reduced the internal resource requirements needed to find, diagnose and resolve issues that impact cost and the caller experience in the end to end call. We also focus users on the most important issues  to address based on their business goals. Does one want to reduce  operations cost, improve caller experience, or both.

Our step by step deployment approach removes the typical risk associated with analytics solutions. With actionable insights in days and support of a continuous improvement process, we offer quick time to value and continuous improvement opportunities for your long term strategy of improving the caller experience while reducing budget requirements.