In-depth IVR Performance, Customer Experience and Speech Utterance Analysis

This service identifies and ranks specific issues for improvement in the IVR. It ensures that your efforts to improve are focused on opportunities with the greatest potential for return on investment.

  • Low internal resource requirements
  • Detailed insights into opportunities to save money and improve the caller experience in 30 days or less.
  • Data source is stereo call recordings of callers' interactions with the IVR or monitoring of live caller - IVR interactions

Business Question


How well does my Voice Self-Service solution work? Measure actual IVR performance by m=measuring caller interactions. Performance is reported for each prompt as well as overall solution
How do I know what the most important changes are to make my IVR work better? Rank the performance of all prompts, based on actual caller interactions and identify whether they cause undesired call transfer to agents or negative customer experiences
How can I make sure that I'm my IVR upgrades are worth the investment? Ranks to impact of IVR choices and performance to consequent agent call handling costs, thus enabling companies to make decisions based on the financial impact of changing the IVR
Can you prioritize what I should fix ROI or improvements to Customer Experience? IVR performance is ranked by multiple performance measures, impact on agent costs and customer experience measures
What are the parts of the IVR that are 'driving my customers nuts'? Key indicators reveal and measure customer frustration, ie, repeat prompts, speech issues, etc. . . .

Eliminate Risk, Maximize Return

The Baseline results are delivered in a top-down analytics workbook providing views describing the analysis of 50,000+ calls as well as the results of manual audits of caller interactions with selected prompts. A high level presentation and working session ensures that the findings are passed to the management and analyst team. Lastly, users may listen to selected prompts, issues and calls to confirm the findings.