CallMiner Speech Analytics through Listening Methods

Listening Methods is CallMiner's De Facto SMB Reseller/Integrator


CallMiner regularly hands off its small to medium-sized speech analytics customers to us, as we are CallMiner's SMB reseller/integration specialist of record.

Through the CallMiner Eureka solution, we offer speech analytics for Small to Medium Businesses with only 4 to 30 agents delivering:

  • Customer service, sales effectiveness and regulatory compliance improvements 
  • Hosted speech analytics solution (on Listening Methods servers) to monitor ALL calls, focus on specific agents and issues that need improvements, capture and publish customer experience data; and reveal, improve and monitor sales and support effectiveness.
  • Fast, easy customer set-up, configuration, implementation and training.
  • Transcript creation of recorded calls and automatic analysis of all transcripts to find key events and topics, and remove PCI and HIPAA information from BOTH the call audio and the transcript.
  • Compliance and best practice adherence by searching transcripts to identify proper greetings, caller validation, politeness and control, needs discovery, correct payment language, etc.
  • Manage sales effectiveness via rebuttals, compared to customer rescue rates


  • Graphical reports - Easy to understand reporting brings your speech analytics data to life so you can see important patterns and derive business intelligence
  • Support for PCI and HIPAA compliance, with automated audio data redaction.
  • Flexible Pricing Plans that fit within your budget 
  • Data extraction for use in other solutions, such as CRM, outbound dialing campaigns.
  • Full business analyst and consulting services


Case Studies

Debt Collection Firm

Clothing Retailer/Supplier

Commodity Goods Supplier

Industrial Materials Supplier

Web-Based Mortgage Company