A Low Risk Engagement Model

Listening Methods engagement model mitigates risk and lowers the costs of improving caller experience and lowering agent costs. Our approach often gives you the ability to start quickly and realize a return before moving forward with larger optimization strategies.

For IVR Performance Management

The initial step in an engagement, which provides a performance baseline revealing how well the voice self-service solution is working, highlighting opportunities for improvements in terms of better cost containment and customer experience.  If the results show that your voice self-service solution is performing well, then there may not be value in engaging Listening Methods for the next step.

The next step is for those who determine that the performance may be improved by supporting detailed root cause analysis.

Lastly, Sound Analytics provides the ability to track changes that are made to determine whether the goals are met as one upgrades their solution and to continuously find new opportunities for improvement.

This set of steps, linked to the performance of your voice self-service solution and the set of steps that one takes, provides the low risk approach available from Listening Methods.

The Low Risk Engagement Model