The Sound Analytics Software as a Service (SaaS) Option

Sound Analytics is offered as a Managed Software as a Service. Listening Methods takes on the responsibility of making sure that Sound analytics is available, reliable and that it is continuously implemented correctly to support your analysts. We provide you with a Managed Services Solution eliminating the need for dedicated resources for administration and basic operation of the software.


The SaaS solution and supporting services provided with the Sound Analytics Foundation include:

  • The Sound Analytics Foundation: Includes the appliance servers configured for the customer’s needs with the Sound Analytics software and PC-based dashboard.
  • Initial Implementation of the Sound Analytics Solution: Listening Methods implements the Sound Analytics solution to support all the voice self-service systems used in the end-to-end call.
  • Monitoring, Maintenance and Support: Listening Methods monitors, maintains and supports the Sound Analytics foundation. Back-up of the analytics database is automatically provided via mirroring of redundant data stores on multiple servers and disks.
  • Software and Dashboard Upgrades: Automatic upgrades to the software supporting the Foundation set of features, including additional Dashboard Views, call events and enhancements to the core software. Major functional additions to the platform are not included.
  • Ongoing Project Coordination: Listening Methods meets regularly with the customer’s internal IVR team and/or external partner, ensuring that upgrades to the voice self service solution are captured by Sound Analytics, supporting A/B testing, and participating in focusing the teams on the most important issues
  • Quarterly Executive Presentation: An executive presentation is provided each quarter focusing on the voice self service solution’s ability to contain calls, customer experience issues, and detailing upcoming opportunities to reap ROI and improved satisfaction.
  • Processing Capacity: The Sound Analytics solution is configured to process, 24x7, 48 fully utilized ports. This is the equivalent of approximately 10,000, 6-minute calls a day. This capacity may be expanded significantly in increments of 24 ports to meet the requirements of the customer.
  • Call Recording Storage: The base Sound Analytics solution is configured to store 500,000 calls for use by management, analysts and VUI engineers. Additional capacity can be ordered based on the specific requirements of the customer.