IVR Performance Analysis, Services and Analytics Solutions

Listening Methods provides data driven analysis, services and analytics solutions that are capable of revealing the performance data needed to design solutions that meet business goals.

  • The entire suite of CallMiner speech analytics solutions as well as all services
  • Sales performance analytics and 
  • IVR Performance analysis and analytics solution
  • Special services, using combinations of CallMiner and IVR Performance analytics, for instance for auditing Toll Free
  • Custom Projects

To capture the data, many of the solutions use recorded call audios as the data source and search for all of the prompts presented to callers by the IVR, or across the entire end-to-end call.

The IVR Performance solutions mine audio, but do not use voice recognition, rather a proprietary pattern analysis search technology that enables it to process voice self-service and other call events for tens of thousands of calls a day. It capture close to 100% of all the machine generated audio events (prompts) independent of IVR, system and language.

The resulting call event data is then interpreted to reveal callers' interactions with voice self-service paths, DTMF and interpreted voice responses to prompts, transfers to queues and conversations with agents. The event database is designed to efficiently support queries from the Sound Analytics Dashboards across very large data sets.

High Level Characteristics of Sound Analytics



Our solution design provides:

  • A Hosted Service.
  • No integration with any IT systems except for access to call recordings
  • System Administration provided by Listening Methods eliminating the need for an internal resource
  • Independence from all voice self-service systems used in each end-to-end call path.
  • High performance, processing tens of thousands of calls a day.
  • Language independence.
  • Capture of 100% of prompts (IVR, ACD, etc) and responses.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership and higher ROI than current market solutions.
  • Ability for analysts to select the calls they wish to analyze via rich call query tools.
  • Ability for analysts to listen to calls and navigate via bookmarks in each call.

No other solution on the market uses such unique technology, and no other solution provides the simple, easy-to-use path to business goals.